Along the Wild River

story of river, land and life

Short comic unfolding complex life on Vjosa, one of Europe's last free-flowing rivers. Discovering connections between its ever-changing channels, diverse ecosystems, and local people living on its banks, unobstructed by a dam.

loosing freeflowing rivers

In awe by complex relationships between sediments, wildlife, periodical floods and droughts, that create resilient, jet intricate ecosystems.

However, we lost almost all the wild rivers in Europe, and those few places where we can experience thriving riverine wildlife, are places to treasure.

keeping it connected

Inspired by children acordeon books, where stories can unfold without ever really interrupting the flow. Readers can choose their own path along the river stream, and every reading can bring a different experience.

construction of dams

Interrupting the river, with a dam or page turn, may lead to a different story.

Disrupting the flow of water, nutrients, sediments and blocking passages for aquatic life can eventually change the whole landscape.

little stories

I believe everyone can be excited about rivers, if they understand their wildlife just a little bit.

Telling little stories, about mundane and easily overlooked creatures that everyone can go and explore.

fight for european rivers

However, importance and value of free flowing rivers are often put aside and given space for dam construction.

Vjosa river is still threatened by construction of dams, it is thanks to NGOs like EcoAlbania and RiverWatch and their fight to protect it, to make it NationalPark. But support from local communities is important.

creature conserve

I have a chance to develop this project as part of the CreatureConserve Mentorship program. With guidance from Adam Moreno and support of the CreatureConserve community.